Friday, January 22, 2021

A Few Home Improvements That Can Help Sell Your Home

When it comes to listing your home on the market to sell, there's a good chance that you'll have a rather large to-do list. When preparing your home for sale (and purchasing another) it's important to ensure that you perform regular maintenance as needed to help it sell. Studies show that homes sell faster and at a higher price when they look fresh and well kept. As the best mortgage lender at Lake of the Ozarks, Team Lasson understands the wants of the buyer and sellers in these types of situations. So, we're here today to give you a few relatively easy tasks that can enhance the selling experience of your Lake home.

A Fresh Coat of Paint/Stain

Over the years a home's paint can become faded, nicked, scuffed and more. By restoring them to their glory with a fresh coat of paint or stain you can really impact the visual appeal of your home. Consider redoing the cabinets, walls, decks/patios for the best, blended results. Many people love the idea of a turnkey home and doing these simple and cost-effective renovations can really go a long way in drawing their attention and making them feel good about the home.

Updated Light Fixtures

Since you've now got a fresh coat of paint/stain throughout the home, showcase it with some great lighting fixtures! Having old and outdated lighting can really spotlight the years on your home. You'll want to ensure that you have clear, bright lights that highlight the great features around your home and make it feel vibrant and inviting. Here are a few styles of lighting fixtures to consider:

  • Mid-century modern
  • Vintage Edison-style bulbs
  • Soft gold finishing's
  • Large shades
  • Retro & industrial 


Curb appeal is essential when selling in today's home market. While adding a roof may not be within your immediate budget for sale, a little landscaping can go a long way to enhance the appearance of your home from the road. Plus, it will make the photos of your home even more enticing, making potential buyers stop and want to check out your home. Consider mulching flowerbeds, adding rock or stones, trimming shrubs, and ensuring that the yard is well manicured. 

Updated Flooring

Flooring gets a lot of wear and tear over the years. Replacing your flooring can be a great way to finish out your home renovations. It will go great with the fresh paint/stain and the new lighting will really make it shine. The labor required in this also gives you the opportunity to really identify any other maintenances that may be beneficial such as trim, baseboards, etc.

These typically inexpensive upgrades can be a great way to instantly increase the appearance of your home and therefore its appeal to potential buyers. So, now that you're more prepared to sell your current home, it's time to consider where you'll be living next - if you haven't already. Team Lasson is ready to help you finance your next home purchase with a mortgage at Lake of the Ozarks. There are many beautiful lake homes to choose from, and with the best mortgage lender at Lake of the Ozarks backing you, you can't lose! Contact us today to see how we can help make your dreams of owning a lake home a reality!

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