Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Container Gardens for Garden Month

April is Garden Month, and now is a great time to try out your green thumb and grow a few things. While there are many homeowners at the Lake of the Ozarks who own primary residences, there are also a large number of homeowners who own vacation homes at the Lake of the Ozarks. It may be hard to try your hand at a garden if you only come back on the weekends, so we have a few fun suggestions for trying out container gardens, as well as some long lasting plants that will make it between your visits.

This flavorful herb is easily grown indoors or out, and on the plus side, you can use it to cook with! These plants need direct sunlight at some point throughout the day, so if you decide to keep it indoors, you will want to place it by a window. You may also want to keep them outdoors when you are away from your vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks so that it can get water and sun while you are not there to take care of it.

This could be an excellent plant to keep on hand at a lake home! The large leaves can provide soothing gel for cuts and burns, plus it is a very forgiving houseplant. Allow the plant’s soil to dry completely in between waterings. This could vary depending on the humidity in your home, but it could mean watering it as little as every two to three weeks!

Snake Plant
This is also known as a ribbon plant and is a succulent with thick, waxy leaves. It loves to live in a pot, and thrives on being ignored - making this the perfect plant for your vacation home! It can add beautiful splashes of green without requiring a lot of care.

This bright foliage loves plenty of bright light, so place near a big lakefront window where the afternoon sun will shine on it. With enough light, it will produce pretty flowers.

Jade is a low-maintenance succulent houseplant.

This plant is a member of the philodendron family and is a fast-growing plant. It has striking and variegated leaves and is quite low maintenance.

Rabbit’s Ear
This is a moderately fast-growing plant and has hairy leaves that help prevent against water loss due to evaporation.

Rubber Plant
There is a reason you find these to be common houseplants.

This is also known as Dumb Cane, and it has dramatic large leaves in many variegated forms which makes this a beautiful indoor plant. You can prune it to keep it from getting “leggy” but it is relatively maintenance free other than that!

This beautiful plant has heart-shaped leaves and is a fast-growing houseplant. The deep green leaves will look beautiful in your home, and better yet, they do not require a lot of maintenance!

Spider Plant
The spider plant is an extremely easy plant to grow. It also produces smaller plantlets that can be rooted in potting soil and start a whole new plant!

This should come as no surprise, many cacti and succulents thrive in warm, sunny environments, and do not require high maintenance when it comes to watering.

Air Plants (Tillandsia)
Air plants are epiphytes, which means that they can grow without soil. This makes Tillandsia one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. Just mist your plants once a week or so to keep them nice and healthy.

Making Your Vacation Home at the Lake of the Ozarks Cozy

Houseplants can be a warm and cozy way to make your vacation home feel like home, and Gardening Month is the perfect time to try your hand at it! The trick is to find plants that are easy going and do not require a lot of maintenance. If you do not have a vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks, there is still time to start the process. Team Lasson is here to help, and we believe that this is an amazing time to buy a home at the Lake of the Ozarks. Visit our website to learn more about our mortgage company at the Lake of the Ozarks, as well as submit your financing application!

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