Thursday, January 3, 2019

What To Know Buying Real Estate in the Winter

While the Lake area slows down a bit in the Winter, it doesn’t stop altogether! There are still many people who live here full-time, keeping the area thriving and moving forward. While buying a vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks may not be top of mind during the colder months, there are actually some significant advantages to buying a lake home during Winter. Here are a few things that Team Lasson thinks you should remember while preparing to get your Lake of the Ozarks mortgage.

It’s Your Market

The offseason in our area can be a great time to buy your dream vacation home. The dedicated house-hunters may not be out looking for real estate and it could be a great time to grab a great deal. Sometimes in the off-season, you’ll find that prices are typically lower as well, and even a small difference in price can mean big savings for you in the long run.

Close the Deal!

When you aren’t competing with more buyers, you have a higher chance of getting the deal closed. During those busy selling months, it can be harder to find your home because 10 other buyers may have found the same one. Bidding wars are no fun, but the good news is that homes listed in the Winter tend to sell for less, and have fewer people competing for them.

Motivated Sellers

There are many reasons that a person could be selling their home in the Winter. Perhaps they have personal circumstances that are forcing them to move out or maybe their home is leftover from summer. No matter what the reason, Winter sellers are typically more motivated to sell as the real estate activity slows down. You will have more opportunity to negotiate the purchase price, terms of the sale, and any items to be included with the purchase.

Now is the Time to Buy!

Now is a GREAT time to buy Lake of the Ozarks real estate, and our team would love to help you finance your new place. Whether you need to finance a second home at the Lake of the Ozarks, or a primary residence, our mortgage team is ready to assist. 2019 could be the year that you find your dream vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks, and Team Lasson wants to be there to support your mortgage needs. Give us a call at 573-746-7211 today!

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