Monday, February 10, 2014

6 Habits of Highly Successful Connectors

Networking is important for finding prospects, referral sources, and bringing in new business...but attending network functions alone is not enough. If you want networking to yield the best results, you've got to be a good connector!

Back in 1936, Dale Carnegie published the timeless business classic How to Win Friends and Influence People. In it he describes "six ways to make people like you" and it is the foundation for connecting with others.
  1. Be genuinely interested in people. Passion is an infectious quality, and being interested in other people's success requires passion. 
  2. Smile. According to Carnegie you should smile a lot...even when you're talking on the phone! Modern research shows that facial expressions and body language aren't just a reflection of emotions, they can actually influence them. 
  3. Remember their name. Carnegie says there is no sweeter sound to people than their own name. If you have trouble with names here are five tricks that can help. 
  4. Encourage people to talk about themselves. Asking lots of questions doesn't just reinforce you care about people, it gives you information for making relevant contact later on. The rule of thumb is "two ears, one mouth." In other words, listen twice as much as you talk. 
  5. in term of their interests. When it's your turn to talk, frame things in light of the other person's interests. Stay on topic and ask their opinion—you should quickly be able to keep any conversation going for as long as someone is willing to speak to you. 
  6. Make sure people know they are important. There are many ways you can let people know they are important—"thank you notes" are one way. But if you deal with clients on a regular basis, aside from doing a good job, make sure the system you create for delivering that service is both intentional and unique. When you give people a great experience, they will return to you again and again. 
Give these helpful tips a try and feel free to pass them along to your team, clients, and colleagues.  If we haven't already, I hope to get the opportunity to CONNECT with you soon! 

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